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The UK is leading the world in effecting carbon reductions and has recently pledged to move to a net zero emissions target by 2050. This will drive huge change in people’s lives and place a titanic stress on businesses and organisations who will have to change the way that they operate within complicated and sophisticated supply chains. Nowhere is the change more difficult –and the opportunity so large – than in the UK construction industry. 

According to the European Energy Centre, existing buildings use around 40% of global energy, whilst they produce approximately 33% of carbon emissions. As much as 40% of landfill waste comes from unused building materials– so we are at a tipping point – unprecedented action is needed now if the construction industry is to have a sustainable future.

The ecological clock is ticking, and urgent action is needed to mitigate the impact of global warming. Climate change is now considered a worldwide crisis and the construction industry has a major role to play in supporting the UK to reach challenging carbon emission targets.

So, the scene is set, and the challenge is clear – the UK needs to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of construction throughout the build process and beyond. The Climate Emergency Conference introduces critical approaches that will enable the industry to meet new construction standards.